A Matter of Privacy

Sharon Eagles McCants - Myrtle Beach Hotels

Sharon Eagles McCants

A word of advice … if you want someone to be able to have access to your reservation information, add them to your reservation. Often, a married couple will assume that the spouse has automatic access to the other spouse’s reservation. That is simply not the case.

By law, only the person listed on the reservation can make changes to or request information of his or her reservation. It’s been quite a number of times that a wife has called to make changes to her husband’s reservation  only to be told she could not because she wasn’t listed on the reservation. While the reservationist doesn’t doubt the wife’s sincerity and good intentions, it’s a matter of privacy and safety. Even the seemingly simple request of the room number can not be granted if there’s only his name on the reservation.

Once a very anxious husband showed up at the front desk with flowers and candy in hand. He beamed with love as he told of his surprise visit to celebrate the couple’s fourth anniversary. Trying to add the element of surprise, he didn’t inform the wife of his impending arrival. Unfortunately, the surprise was spoiled because we wasn’t listed on the reservation and therefore, could not be given a key to set up the romantic  surprise in his wife’s absence. He had to call her and tell her he’d be waiting, with roses and candy in hand, in the lobby upon her return from shopping.

I know … what if you have the name, address and reservation number? Still, no dice.  The reservationist has no way of knowing how that information was obtained.  So, you must be listed on the reservation. However, if someone calls and just wants to be transferred to the room phone that can be done without release of any information.

To avoid any hard feelings or misunderstandings, I suggest when making a reservation, ask the reservationist to make notes of who may have access to the reservation’s information. If  you’d want Aunt Betty from Topeka to know your room number, add Aunt Betty to your reservation.  That way, when she calls, she won’t be denied. Likewise for spouses, family members and friends.