Abiding Village Needs Your Help

Myrtle Beach HotelsChrist United Methodist Church is playing the most expensive game of beat the clock it has ever played. Three weeks from now, on Mother’s Day, the church wants to hand over $10 million to the owners of Freestyle Music Park to purchase the property which is worth around $150 to $180 million. What a challange but, what a bargain!

If it is able to meet the deadline and purchase the property, the Abiding Villiage will be able to expand and offer a number of new programs and services to the youth of Horry County. And, the good thing is you can help … it takes a village.

Abiding Village, an organization formed by members of Christ United Methodist Church, is a non-profit outreach that introduces youth to urban arts, like hip-hop dance, percussion, painting, and theater was founded in 2008.

Efforts to raise the money include asking the citizens of Horry County ( anyone else who’d be so kind) to make donations of any size to its fundraising efforts.

With a vision of growth for Abiding Village, Jessica Sagun, director said, “I just started creating this crazy kind of vision in my heart.” The vision continued to grow, and Sagun said, she often thought how perfect the land at Freestyle Music Park would be for her idea.

As told in recent published reports, when the offer to buy the land came, organizers got to work, creating three phases of development which includes the arts, business development and a Christ-centered education complex. All of the services and programs would be free to any student who wants to participate, says Sagun.

“We’re pouring every bit of energy we have into it. If something happens, and for whatever reason we don’t meet that goal, we’re going to know we did everything God called us to do,” Sagun said.

To read more about the Abiding Village, or to donate online, go to http://www.abidingvillage.org/.

To make a donation over the phone, contact staff at the Abiding Village at (843) 236-3983.

(Portions of this article were reported by WBTW-News13).