Call Ahead for a Bed

Sharon Eagles McCants

Far be it from me to burst anyone’s vacation bubble but it’s high time that someone addresses the issue of anxious beach-bound vacationers making reservations BEFORE arriving at the beach. I’m all for spontaneity but when you have kids in tow, it’s best to have a place to lay your head in mind when you leave home. I can’t count the number of times a perfect stranger elicits my advice on which of the hundreds of hotels would be the best place to stay as doe-eyed kids try to rub the sleepiness from their eyes.

It’s no secret that Myrtle Beach offers a wide assortment of lodging. From hotels, motels to condominium resorts to beachfront homes, there are plenty of places to stay. There are plenty of places that will gladly accept a call ahead to reserve a room on a vacationer’s behalf. By calling ahead, the vacationer gives the hotel staff a chance to put its best efforts forward in making a guest’s lodging experience memorable.

Prices vary with the height of the season, but an ffordable range can be found within any category of accommodations. Often, cleanliness and price are the leading factors in making a lodging decision while amenities such as lazy rivers, indoor pools, spas and restaurants are the vacation sweeteners.

By calling ahead, guests can make requests such as what floor they’d like to stay on or make arrangements for those needing special care.

Before you leave home, always visit for information on clean and affordable places to stay.