ID: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Sharon Eagles McCants - Myrtle Beach Hotels

Sharon Eagles McCants

You’ve been coming to Myrtle Beach for years and it feels like everyone there know you. You eat at the same restaurants, attend the same shows, frequent the same bars and stay at the same hotel  … you feel you’re a member of the family. While many businesses in Myrtle Beach strive to make you feel welcomed and want you to always come back, you still need identification. Yes, though the front desk receptionist knows you by name, and the bar tender can pour your favorite beverage just by being signaled by the flip of your finger, you still need identification. Don’t leave home without it.

A lot of today’s technology requires birth dates, photos, thumb prints, etc. to be entered before they function. Ever try to buy alcohol at a store?  Your birth date is required to be entered to complete the sale. At your hotel check-in, you’re required to show identification in order to verify use of your credit card and to accompany your signed rental agreement. Without identification, you may have to put the room in someone else’s name.  Also, some resorts have a very strict age requirement. Your state-issued identification will be used to verify age. Showing up without it, may result in your finding other accommodations.

Festivals that sell alcohol require identification as well. Even though you have may no intention on drinking any alcohol, you still may be asked to provide ID (just in case the cold beer starts calling your name.).

Acceptable forms of ID are pictured U.S. government-issued or state-issued documents such as a driver’s license or a state ID card and a U.S. Passport. In some instances, a pictured work ID can be used to verify your name and address. A school-issued ID is not usually accepted.

Even if you’re going to leave the driving to someone else, bring your ID. “Just in case” happens more often than not. Be prepared. Bring ID.