Fall into Vacation Savings

Sharon Eagles McCants - Myrtle Beach Hotels

Sharon Eagles McCants

The start of school is somewhat of a signal that summer’s end is nearing. For those of us who have worked in the hotel industry, it also signals the start of staff reduction. There isn’t a need for a full shift of reservationist, front desk personnel, housekeepers and maintenance when the number of guests begins to dwindle.

After the Labor Day holiday, not only do the personel numbers drop, resort rates plummet, as well, at least by 30%. Veteran vacationers are wise to this and they book after the holiday. The lower prices are well worth the wait and maybe a missed day or two of school. But, while the cooler weather and less crowded beaches are added incentives for booking after Labor Day, the reduced rates are what clinch the deal.

Recognizing a growing trend of those who are willing to take a break after mid-September, Mr. Resort Owner offers fall vacation savings in order to keep heads in beds all year long. As the Fall season progresses, the rates regress. It’s not uncommon for some rates to be near half  the summer rate by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. And, by the time winter sets in, the rates have cooled off to next to nothing.  I have noticed that a lot more families are spending the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays at the beach.  Some resorts even offer  holiday buffets  featuring turkey and roasts as the main dishes to entice would-be holiday vacationers.

The mild climate, live holiday shows, reduced greens fees and cheaper resort rates make Myrtle Beach the ideal fall vacation spot. Take advantage of the seasonal discounts and fall into vacation savings.