L.W. Paul Living History Farm

L.W. Paul Living History FarmL.W. Paul Living History Farm

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live on a farm in rural South Carolina at the turn of the last century? Horry County Museum and sponsors are proud to present the L. W. Paul Living History Farm. Here Myrtle Beach visitors can not only see, but participate in the day-to-day activities as they were between 1900– 1955. See how animals were slowly replaced by mechanization, wash laundry with a ringer washer, make soap, plant a garden, harvest the garden, etc.

So many things are taken for granted today because they are readily available at the store. It was not that long ago, a generation or two, that you had to go out and make, create, grow, raise, build or you name it, to have it. You will not see a lot of electricity being used at L. W. Paul Living History Farm. Step back in time and enjoy a much simpler life for a day. It will make you appreciate the conveniences you have so much more.

Farm Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 to 4:00

Phone: 843-915-5320
Web Site: http://www.horrycountymuseum.org/farm.asp
Address: 2279 Harris Short Cut Rd.
City: Conway
State: SC
Zip: 29526