Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Myrtle Beach BoardwalkMyrtle Beach Boardwalk

The new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade stretches from 2nd Avenue Pier to the 14th Avenue Pier, approximately 1.2 miles. The boardwalk has three different sections that vary in shape and width. The North Walkway begins at 14th Avenue Pier and extends to Plyler Park at Mr. Joe White Avenue. There is a wooden deck with dune landscaping and vegetation following a more natural approach. The North Walkway is eight feet wide.

The second section of the boardwalk begins at Plyler Park and winds its way to 8th Avenue North. Here visitors will find beachfront stores and shops. There is an atmosphere similar to that of a carnival that brings a feeling of nostalgia as they walk around enjoying the sights and sounds. Most of the boardwalk is twenty-six to fifty feet in width.

The third section is the final section and referred to as the South Promenade it runs from 8th Avenue North to 1st Avenue North just below the Second Avenue Pier. This is a lineal promenade with benches and natural landscaping with sections of the beach and passive recreational activities. The main walkways are twelve feet wide and the secondary paths are eight feed wide.

There are activities planned for the entire year not just the summer season. These will include a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Memorial Day Activities, Oktoberfest and more. During the summer there will be weekly events “Hot Summer Nights Weekly Events”. Every night there will be a free event along the boardwalk at some point. Sunday nights are reserved for live street performers. Monday is reserved as a special night for children, there will be a Kid’s Carnival. Tuesday and Saturday nights will have live bands playing. Wednesday nights there will be “The Beach’s Best Fireworks Display”. Strolling musicians will be found Thursday and Friday nights with “Bagpipers on the Boardwalk” Thursdays and a strolling Dixieland Band on Fridays.

Many of Ocean Boulevard’s restaurants and shops have opened their doors to the rear for guests to enjoy. During the day you will find the world’s best lemonade near 5th Avenue North from Luna’s Lemonade Stand. Visitors will need to make the new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade a must stop on their visit to Myrtle Beach.

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