New York Prime

New York PrimeNew York Prime

New York Prime is nestled in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Awarded the OpenTable Diners’ Choice for “Best Overall Restaurant” and “Best Food” in South Carolina, New York Prime offers guests a fine dining experience like no other in the Grand Strand. They serve only USDA Prime Beef. The difference between prime grade and choice is in the age and marbling of the beef. Prime remains soft and delectable through high heat quick cooking processes such as broiling and grilling; choice cuts are best cooked by slow roasting or cooked in plenty of natural juices and simmered to maintain a tender, easily digestible meat. Once your meal of prime cut beef is completed, enjoy the after dinner menu which offers a selection of cordials, cognacs and fine cigars as an old world tradition.

Phone: (843) 448-8081
Address: 405 28th Avenue North
City: Myrtle Beach
Zip: 29577