Rainy-day Fun at the Beach

438_3315595It’s raining while you’re on your much-anticipated beach vacation. But, don’t let tears of angels dampen your spirits or your plans for having a good time. I know beach trips are supposed to be about sun, sand and waves along with fun times and relaxation. But, there are times when Mother Nature has other ideas and it rains.

As a parent, I’d say a beach vacation is one of the best trips to take with children. But when it rains and the whole family may finds itself cooped up inside. Luckily, the Myrtle Beach area has plenty of indoor activities to keep the entire family busy for hours. Here are some suggestions:

Visit the fun and educational exhibits at the Children’s Museum of South Carolina. Or, venture to worlds unknown at WonderWorks. There’s also the mystic world of the sea to enthrall the whole family at Ripley’s Aquarium.

The most obvious thing to do is to go to a movie, right? In general, summertime tends to be a great time for lots of new releases for kids. Summer movie releases aren’t just for the action-packed blockbusters. There are plenty of G and PG releases, so don’t rush to watch all the new releases. Save them for a rainy day at the beach. Myrtle Beach has several multiplex cinemas that offer an array of movies.

Moms … I know you never need an excuse to shop but a rainy day offers the best opportunity. If your children are anything like mine this isn’t a real option for more than a couple of hours, but getting them out of the condo for a change of scenery is important for everyone’s sanity. Myrtle Beach has all sorts of shopping, whether it is an outlet mall or row upon row of charming tourist shops.  Responsible teenagers can probably be allowed to roam the mall on their own.  So, consider this one of the few times to be happy your kid has entered the teen years. Oh, and while at the mall, check out bookstores. Most bookstores have kid’s corners that will occupy a youngster’s thoughts for a couple of hours.

Along Ocean Boulevard, there are a number of arcades. If your children are old enough to enjoy a video arcade make a beeline for the games. There may be a crowd, but there’s a chance to meet new friends and forget about the rain for a while.

And, if leaving your hotels isn’t an option … dive into the indoor pool. It’s a mystery to me, but kids can stay in the pool for hours but be ready to get out of the tub in minutes.

Last, but not least, play some board games or cards at the condo. Playing checkers, cards, backgammon, or dominoes can worth an evening of fun. As a child, we’d have nights when my dad didn’t allow us to turn on the television. Instead, we’d play games and listen to stories of his childhood. My favorite activity was a spelling contest. Before Vanna turned letters, we’d turn the pages of Webster’s Dictionary to reveal the correct spelling of words. My mom and uncle battled back and forth for hours. Most nights, the contest ended in a draw.

The moral of this story is … rainy days and Sundays don’t always have to get you down. Instead, they provide great alternative opportunities for family fun, especially when you’re at the beach.