Rivertown Bistro

Rivertown BistroRivertown Bistro

Myrtle Beach vacations are really about family. Sitting down inside the new location of Nibils Restaurant exemplifies this. This family owned and operated diner has been around for over 23 years. The Cahills hail from the northeast. They settled down in Myrtle Beach and never looked back. They raised their family here and have fed the families of thousands of others.

Go early, go hungry to enjoy large portions of standard American cuisine. Currently they are serving breakfast and lunch in their new location at 33rd Ave North and Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. Make sure you take your sense of humor with you. That Jack is a card!

Phone: (843) 448-6789
Web Site: http://www.nibilsrestaurant.com
Address: 3301 N. Kings Hwy
City: Myrtle Beach
State: SC
Zip: 29577