Same Time, Next Year

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buy modafinil walgreens “Would you mind taking a picture of us?” Midway through my beach walk, three cameras were handed to me and I snapped shots of the ten ladies who all graduated from Wofford College together in the 1960’s. They came to Myrtle Beach back then to celebrate graduation and have gathered at the beach every year since. I could still see the coed twinkle in their eyes as they teased one another. They patted a lanky sister on the shoulder, “She was our track and field star, you know.” As I was told, the faces of the reunion changed some every year with life’s ups and downs and even untimely death, but the gathering happens regardless. I watched them walk barefoot along the surf, holding hands, the sun glinting off their smiles, their laughter rolling with the waves. The perfect sweetness of it all left me misty-eyed and longing for the next batch of family or friends that will come to Myrtle Beach to reconnect with me, the ocean and our shared memories.