Take a Mediterranean Cuisine Journey at Habibi’s Cafe

Habibi's CafeMyrtle Beach is a town of many tastes. Its culinary landscape is appetizing enough to attract foodies of all sorts to try its smorgasbord of flavors. Enter Habibi’s Café. Located at 3312 Waccamaw Blvd., this Myrtle Beach establishment makes my mouth happy because nothing on this Mediterranean menu is a miss. The vegetarian options are a delightful beginning on a wonderful, epicurean journey. The hummus is superior all on its own or slathered atop crispy, moist falafel. The falafel, however, is also wonderful with the crushed red pepper sauce. The condiment, which is slightly chunky, adds a spicy kick to the starters and entrees on the menu. I adore it more than mustard and ketchup. No kidding. Another appetizer well represented here is the baba ghanoush, an exemplary combination of roasted eggplant, tahini sauce, garlic and lemon. The divine tinge of sour flavor transposed against a tangy aftertaste immediately makes me dive in for more. The menu selections featuring meat are just as phenomenal. My addiction is the shish kebab plate because the marinated lamb is grilled to succulent tenderness. Recently, the menu was expanded to add several Mediterranean favorites, most notably kibbee (Lebanese-style meatballs made with ground lamb, beef and bulgur wheat that is served with tzatziki sauce) and fattoush salad (a zingy, coarsely chopped salad that includes cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, garlic and a tart flower called surmac). Habibi’s Café is own and operated by the Safa family, including Mike (the dad), Susie (the mom) and Mazin (a son). They treat every customer like family. So, don’t be surprised if stay awhile to chat. Appetizer prices start at $5.99, while platter prices are no more than $14.99. Habibi’s is open seven days a week. For hours and more information, call (843) 236-0150.