Vacationer’s To-Do List

Sharon Eagles McCants - Myrtle Beach Hotels

Sharon Eagles McCants

Summer is fast approaching. The summer vacation you planned is but a few weeks away.  So, it is time to get your house in order before you hit the road. If you’re like me, regardless of how much time ahead I had  planned for a trip, I found myself running around trying to think of and do all the things I had to prepare. One of the biggest responsibilities was making sure that I had taken the proper steps to leaving home. Here’s a checklist for anxious vacationers who only have sand, sun and surf on their minds.

About a week before it’s time to leave put in a notice of delivery suspension to your newspaper.  And, don’t forget to stop all deliveries. Have your mail forwarded or held at the post office.

Take a minute to let your alarm company know of your travel plans. Furnish them with names and phones numbers of house sitters or caretakers. Provide your itinerary and contact information. Contact local neighborhood watch patrols or police departments for further suggestions. In addition to your alarm company, give your travel information to a trusted friend or neighbor.  Likewise, you should have your neighbor’s contact information.

Once the house is secured, have the car serviced.

Before you walk out the door make sure the plants are properly stored. Check that trash and garbage receptacles are empty. It’s no fun to return home to the smell of week-old garbage. With that in mind, wash the dishes. A clean sink will be a welcomed sight when you arrive back home.

Check the locks on windows and doors. If you have a pet door, make sure it’s secured as well.  And, after checking the coffee pot three times, make sure all appliances are turned off.  Then, check the coffee pot, once more.

With everyone loaded in the car, make a check for tickets, confirmation numbers, medications, glasses, passports/visas, photo ID’s and money before you walk out the door.  Last, but, not least, lock the front door. (Yes, I’ve done it … secured every window, patio door, etc. and forgot to lock the front door.)