Welcome Back Ol’ Friends

Sharon Eagles McCants - Myrtle Beach Hotels

Sharon Eagles McCants

Soon the summer sun’s scorching rays will be replaced with autumn’s warm beams of sunshine as summer yields to fall’s inevitable appearance. Cooling brisk winds will awaken the day and golden sunsets will put the day to rest.

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn. And, it’s time to say to those we affectionately refer to as snowbirds … welcome back ol’ friends.

While you were away there have been a few changes. The road project off U.S. 17 South is well under construction; the airport’s new re-design is complete; and the city of Myrtle Beach has implemented new golf cart laws.  (There’s plenty more going on which this small space doesn’t allow me to elaborate.)

The usual happenings such as restaurant openings and closings; new stores opening; old stores closing; and an ever-changing list of things to do that include weekly festivals, keep Myrtle Beach thriving and relevant. Chances are your favorite restaurant, store or attraction is awaiting your arrival.

A good number of our snowbirds have been coming for years. They are well versed with the rules and regulations that hotels have in place for those who want more than just a vacation stay. But, for those of you who haven’t opted to spend your fall and winter with us before, here are a few tips to consider when booking your stay:

Tell the reservationist you want to book a “long-term” stay. This will allow a complete search of inventory that will best accommodate more than a vacation stay. Also, special rates are given for long-term stays.  Some hotels define a “long-term stay” as 60 days or more. Others consider 90 days “long-term.”

Make sure you ask what’s included in the rate. Usually housekeeping is not included. Some hotels offer abbreviated housekeeping services. You may have the option of adding daily housekeeping for a fee.

Be thorough in explaining the type of unit you need. Since the unit will be your home away from home, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.  And, if your bringing your four-legged best friend let the reservationist know, so you’ll book a pet-friendly unit.

Inquire if you’ll have full access to the hotel’s amenities. Though amenities are what make being a snowbird worthwhile, be clear and ask.

Ask about the hotel’s visitor policy. Often family and friends will visit. Ask if there’s a charge for extra guest to stay. If there is a charge, ask when it will kick in. For example, if your guest stays a week, there might not be a charge but, if he stays for three weeks, there may be a charge.

And, ask if guests have the same privileges and access to the hotels amenities.  You wouldn’t want your guest’s visit to be on a “watch-only” basis.

As I write this, hotels, motels and resorts are beginning to ready for the arrival of snowbirds. Special incentives, special discounts, and special packages may be offered, ask.

Hotel management is putting its best foot forward to introduce themselves to newcomers and to say, welcome back ol’ friends.